The Dayton Firefighters Federal Credit Union Proudly Announces A New Name:

Firefighters & Company Federal Credit Union


Our New Name Embodies Who We Have Always Been And Who We Will Continue To Be



The Dayton Firefighters Federal Credit Union first started as the Dayton (Ohio) Firemen Federal Credit Union in June of 1935 when the charter members, all fire department employees, applied for permission to organize and operate a Federal Credit Union. The field of membership, defined as "any active or pensioned employee of Dayton, Ohio, Fire Department and Department of Telegraph and Signals; employees of this credit union; members of their immediate family; and any association of such employees," remained consistent for over 68 years. In September 2003, invitation to experience our credit union difference expanded to employees of local fire departments and their families along with anyone who lives, works, worships, or attends school in Montgomery County, Ohio. Increasing our radius even more in September of 2016, we now offer our membership benefits to the fire departments and supporting communities of Greene and Miami County.

Over the past 83 years, the Dayton Firefighters Federal Credit Union has grown into a full-service financial institution. From starting with only savings and loans, to adding checking accounts and debit cards, to most recently providing shared branching and modern electronic options for easy account access, your credit union continuously finds new ways to prioritize member convenience and accessibility. You, the members, are the reason for our growth and ability to help more of your friends and family. We exist solely for the purpose of meeting the financial needs of our members; you made us who we are today.

Who We Are Today

As the Firefighters & Company Federal Credit Union, we remain your credit union. The only change is our name and logo, which reflect an inclusion of all the fire departments and communities we now serve. Our commitment stands solid. Walking through our doors, you will experience the same friendly staff and personal service.

We continue to put members first, delivering competitive rates on VISAs and vehicle, personal and mortgage loans; offering above average dividends on savings and checking accounts; and providing a variety of products and services to help you keep control of your money. Our shared branching gives you free access to over 5,000 branches throughout the United States, including over 40 in Greene, Miami, and Montgomery counties alone. You can manage your money wherever and whenever it is convenient for you.

We have grown because of our loyal members, and continue to be your trusted partner. We want to help you save money and reach your financial goals. Proud to serve the members of Dayton Firefighters Federal Credit Union for over 83 years, we will be here for you as Firefighters & Company Federal Credit Union for even longer. You have always been and will continue to good company.

Q  Why are we changing our name?
A  The Dayton Firefighters Federal Credit Union wants to be around for another 83 years and beyond. Statistically smaller credit unions are being merged into larger ones. We want to be able to grow so we can sustain and be there for you, your children and grandchildren. The name Firefighters & Company is more inclusive of who we serve and is inviting to additional fire departments and the people and communities they protect. We will never forget our history and that the Dayton Firefighters started this credit union.
Q  Why did you choose the name Firefighters & Company Federal Credit Union?

The name Firefighters & Company Federal Credit Union was chosen because we serve firefighters and that is evident in our name and new logo that still contains the fire helmet. The "Company" is because a 'company' is not only a team of firefighters, it is also the people we invite into our homes. We wanted a name that will carry us into the future. This new name invites additional fire departments to the credit union, along with their friends, families,colleagues, and the communities that support them.
Is Dayton Firefighters being sold or merged?
No. The only thing that is changing is our name and logo. Nothing else is changing.
Q  Will I have to get new checks or a new debit card?
A  No. Your current checks and debit cards will continue to work. When you reorder checks or reorder a new debit card, the new name and logo will be on them. When your current debit card expires, your new one will be reissued with the new name with the new logo.
Will anything be affected with my accounts?
No. Everything will be the same, but you will see the new logo and name on your statements,online banking, etc.
Q  When does the new name goes into effect?
A  The change will go into effect on 10/1/2018.