Overdraft Privilege


We all make mistakes, but now you are covered. OOPS! is a non contractual overdraft advance solution, available when you need it. Overdraft Privilege allows your checking account to be overdrawn to cover transactions presented for payment up to a predetermined limit. OOPS! covers transactions such as checks clearing your account, checks in person, teller withdrawal, ATM withdrawal and other electronic means. If you are having trouble or are using this overdraft privilege more than occasionally, contact the credit union for help.

Overdrafts should not be used to pay ordinary or routine expenses and you should not rely on Overdraft Privilege as a means to cover these expenses. If at any time you feel you need help with your financial obligations, please contact us at 937-228-1614.

  • Eligibility: After checking account has been opened for 30 days, with at least $400 deposited into the account every 30 days and account is in good standing, the discretionary service of Overdraft Privilege, OOPS! may be added.
  • Applies to primary checking only
  • Fee is $25 per occurrence
  • Overdraft must be repaid within 30 days
  • Not everyone will qualify and service can be discontinued at any time

Need help getting cash at the ATM or on your debit card when you are occasionally short? Download our Overdraft Protection Services PDF to find out how we can help.