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When you log online to check your accounts, you can rest assure that your information is protected. The Credit Union has a "two-factor authentication" system. This authentication system will help combat fraud and identity theft. The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) stated: Authentication is the process of verifying a member's identity using a variety of methodologies and technologies before the member gains access to the system. It is a way to ensure members are who they say they are. The new authentication system will require home banking members to:

  • enter their account number confirm or enter their email address (The e-mail address that you have set up with HCU is required)
  • enter their existing password (You can not save your password in your PC)
  • decide on and enter a secret word
  • choose and answer challenge questions

After the authentication process is complete you will be directed to the account balances page. All subsequent log-ins from the same PC will require only your account number and password. If you are logging on to a PC that you have not previously used after the "two-factor authentication", you will be challenged and must correctly answer the challenge question(s) previously setup. Any future log-ins from that PC will only require your account number and password. A few other scenarios that may require you to successfully answer a challenge question include: not using a particular PC to access home banking for six months or more purchasing a new PC changing browsers clearing cookies The initial log-in will also ask you for a "secret word." The secret word will then be displayed every time you access HCU before you enter your password. If the "secret word" is missing or incorrect you should not enter your password; if you do you may be directed to a phishing site, where your confidential information may be compromised.

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