Security Information & Disclosure - Available Services and Limitations

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Available Services and Limitations:

The following functions may be performed by members through the service:

  • Transfers: You may transfer funds between your Share or Loan Accounts as the account agreements may allow. Transfers done through the service DO NOT immediately charge or credit your account. TRANSFERS WILL BE EFFECTIVE BY THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY AFTER THE DATE OF SUCH TRANSACTION but may occur sooner.
  • Account Balances: You may view your share and loan account balances. Because the main credit union computer system is not connected to the internet, it is possible that some transactions that affect these balances, and have been processed by the credit union, are not yet included in the balance at the time you view it. In addition, there may be drafts written against your balance, or other electronic items such as debit card transactions, that have not yet been presented to the credit union for payment.
  • Transaction history: You may view the transaction history for any loan or share account. Because the main credit union computer system is not connected to the Internet, it is possible that some transactions are not yet included in the history at the time you view it even though they may have been processed by the credit union. The main credit union computer system is always the official record of account history. The Internet Home Banking service may be updated several times per day for your convenience in viewing account activity.
  • Download Transactions: You may download transactions in various formats (as available on our site) for import into personal financial software programs.
  • Password Changes: If you are a service user, you may change your password at any time from within the home banking section. For your protection we recommend that you change your access password regularly.
  • Check orders: You may reorder checks and/or view and order new check styles available through the credit union. We will not process check order requests if you do not have a checking account at the credit union.
  • Transaction search: You may search for drafts and other transactions that have cleared your account. You may also list clearings by date, cleared check number, transaction description or other means. The oldest transaction available will vary but dates will go back, at a minimum, to your last regular statement date.
  • Additional Services: From time to time, we will announce additional services which are available through the service. Your use of these services will constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions presented at the time they are announced.

We reserve the right to limit access or cancel on-line access at any time.