Emergency Fund - Why you need one and how to get started saving

By creating an emergency fund, you can have peace of mind when unexpected life events happen.  Although it may seem difficult or overwhelming, we are here to help you.  

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  • Invest in small increments in an easily accessible dividend-bearing savings account.
  • Build toward the ultimate goal of having enough money to cover six months of living expenses. 
  • Start small. 
  • Make your savings automatic.
  • Payroll deduction or an automatic transfer can help you build your savings. 

We can help! Let's sit down and make a plan that works for you. Your emergency fund will allow you and your family to find peace of mind in the most difficult of times.

The Firefighters & Company Federal Credit Union (FFCOCU) is here to help you. After 85 years, we remain by your side and are here to support you in good times and in bad.  With so many members experiencing difficulties due to COVID-19, the importance of an emergency fund is greater than ever. FFCOCU exists solely to meet the financial needs of our member-owners. We know the importance of saving and when there is a major disruption to your income, having an emergency fund can help you get through challenging times.

Be Prepared

We want to help our members prepare for the unexpected. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives, and many of us realize we have been unprepared for these types of unexpected life events. Surveys conducted across the United Stated show nearly 70% of Americans have only 1,000 dollars or less in their savings accounts. As we have quickly learned, life can take a fast turn for the worse. Health emergencies, death, unexpected job loss, or accidents are a few types of difficulties when preparedness is needed. An emergency fund can be a crucial safety net for the unknown. Call the credit union at 937-228-1614 if you need help setting up an emergency fund or any savings account!