Share Secured Loans

If you want a low rate loan that can help build or establish credit, we have just the loan. If you do not want to deplete all of your savings on a bigger purchase, we have just the loan. If you want to help force yourself to save, we have just the loan. Our share secured loan can be the right solution for you. A share secured loan uses the money you have in a savings or share certificate to be used as collateral. We pledge the money in your account and as you make payments the pledge decreases. And you earn a great dividend on the money pledged and pay a low interest rate on the money borrowed!

Credit Builder

Everyone experiences financial hardships and these life events can derail your credit. If you are credit challenged or are looking to establish credit, we offer a loan to help you improve/establish your credit and create a good payment history with the credit union to build on for your future needs. Our credit builder loan proceeds are put in your savings account, pledged as the loan's collateral and your on time payments help build your credit history.

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