Introducing our low rate Firefighters & Company Federal Credit Union VISA Platinum Rewards card! This new VISA has a great low rate, rewards, (choose to redeem your points for travel, merchandise or cash) no hidden fees, and even a "Secure Lock App" option to protect your card! You can even pay your VISA payment at the credit union or online.

You know you're in good company with a card from your credit union that offers you personal friendly service, a low rate and rewards! Apply for your Firefighters & Company Federal Credit Union VISA card today

Log into your Firefighters & Company VISA account to view your balances, make payments, or set up alerts!

Download your Secure Lock App at the iPhone App Store or the Android Google Play Store. Secure Lock allows you to lock your card and decide how, when and where your VISA is used. Download the app below:

Download your Secure Lock App at the iPhone App StoreDownload Your Secure Lock App at the Android Google Play Store


Call 1-833-217-8094 to report your card lost or stolen or to contact customer support after hours.


Possible Fraud on your card or confirmation of your authorization for a valid transaction:

Call 1-855-961-1602 to confirm fraud from the voicemail notice or to unlock your card.

Through our VISA processor, FIS, we enroll in a monitoring system to try to combat fraud on your VISA. If there is suspected fraud on your VISA card, it will decline the transaction and you will immediately receive a call to your contact phone number or an email to your email address that we have on file. (Please make sure we have the most up-to-date information.) Please make sure to answer this automated call from a 1-800# (You will not recognize the number and it is an automated message. Remember FIS will not ask for your full card number, your SSN, PIN or passwords.) or please check your email to see if you have an email from the fraud department (check your SPAM). They will try to reach you immediately after you have been declined to try to clear valid transcations and stop any fraud. When you call back the fraud detection line it is an automated line and will ask you for either a CASE ID (which will be on the voicemail or in the email regarding the possible fraudulent transcation) or you can enter the10 digit phone number the fraud department left you the message on, when prompted. You will need to verify the last 5 transcations on your VISA to unlock the card in the case the transcation is not fraud and is valid.

 If you are traveling, please make sure to contact the credit union prior to your travel with the dates and destination so we can note your VISA card and limit any interruptions to your trip.

If you need help enrolling in EZ Card info, paying a bill online, or are locked out of EZ card info, please call the help desk at 1-866-604-0380.

Click below to apply, then select "personal loan" for regular VISA or "other secured loan" for Secured VISA and complete the application. Please note "VISA" in the notes section on the online application.  

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