Shared Branching Lets You Live Life on the Go

We’ve been there.

You know…there’s that moment on a road trip or vacation when you realize you need cash.

Or that big job promotion that took you halfway across the country and away from your main credit union branch.

What about the time you headed off to college and needed to get money?

Here at Firefighters & Company Federal Credit Union, we want to offer you more convenient options to access your money. That is why we participate in shared branching…at no cost to you!


What is Shared Branching?

With shared branching, you have access to 5,000 credit union branches nationwide, including 47 in the local area. Or, if you have accounts at other credit unions, you can use FFCOCU’s branches to conduct your banking transactions for those credit unions. (Not all credit unions participate in shared branching)

With shared branching, you have the ability to:

  • make a deposit
  • withdraw money
  • pay on a loan
  • transfer money between accounts
  • check your balance
  • cash checks* (checks may be placed on hold and not available for immediate withdrawal)
  • print statements


How it Works

At any shared branch, you need the following 3 items to complete a transaction:

  1. Name of your credit union (Firefighters & Company Federal Credit Union)
  2. Account number
  3. Valid government issued picture ID (driver’s license, passport, military ID, etc.)


Find a Shared Branching Location

Wherever you are, there are 3 easy ways to locate the closest shared branch to you.

Become familiar with the tools above so you know how to access your account wherever you are.

Being a credit union member is about having peace of mind, and shared branching is one more way that FFCOCU is here to serve you. So next time you want to take that spontaneous road trip, grab your bag! We got your back.