MasterMoney ATM Debit Card


Our MasterMoney® ATM/Debit Card allows you convenient access to your money whether you are using it to purchase items from a merchant or withdraw money from an ATM. Using your debit card is easier than writing a check and safer than carrying cash. You can also get cash back for free from many merchants in the area when using your card.

Our MasterMoney® ATM/Debit Card allows qualified members to make purchases wherever the MasterCard logo is displayed and cash withdrawals or deposits at STAR ATMs, CULIANCE ATMs and Cirrus ATMs.

The standard limit on the MasterMoney ATM/Debit card for POS and ATM withdrawals is $500 on each daily. If you need a higher limit or a temporary increase for a purchase, please contact the credit union. We will be happy to assist you.

For lost or stolen cards, members should contact MasterCard immediately at 888-908-7835.  When you call to report the card lost or stolen, the ONLY way to get a new debit card issued is to contact the credit union. All paperwork that needs to be signed for potential fraud or a new card, will only be sent to you by contacting the credit union at 937-228-1614.

Possible Fraud on your card:  Through our Debit card processor, PSCU, we enroll in a monitoring system to try to combat fraud on your Debit card. If there is suspected fraud on your Debit card, it will decline the transaction and you will immediately receive a call to your contact phone number we have on file, a text (if you have provided us a mobile phone number) or an email (if we have your valid email address). Please make sure we have the most up-to-date information. Please make sure to respond to this call from a live agent at 1-888-918-7313 (you will not recognize the number) or the automated system that shows up in caller ID as 1-800-272-9449, a text from the fraud department or an email. They will try to reach you immediately after you have been declined to try to clear valid transactions and stop any fraud.

If you are traveling, please make sure to contact the credit union prior to your travel with the dates and destination so we can note your debit card and limit any interruptions to your trip.


Click below to apply for a MasterMoney ATM/Debit Card- please complete and fax to 937-228-0068


To activate a new MasterMoney ATM/Debit chip card, simply call us at 937-228-1614 and we can activate your chip card over the phone. Please have your ATM/Debit chip card with you when you call. You may also activate a new ATM/Debit chip card by taking it to an ATM and putting in the PIN number you set the card up with, and inquire what your balance is. When using the new chip card make sure to leave the card in the chip holder until it prompts you to remove it. Also if the reader has a chip option, you must place the chip card in the reader. If there is no chip reader option, you can swipe the card. If you are using the chip card in an ATM, insert your chip card in the terminal and follow the instructions on the screen. If you need any assistance with your chip card, please call 937-228-1614.


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